Circumcision: Healing Touch for Scars

Somatic Sex Educators Demonstrate Scar Remediation

Circumcision is a violent procedure that many infant boys have been subjected to. Through scar tissue remediation, it is possible to recover sensitivity and expand sexual sensation. In five short movies, somatic sex educators Caffyn Jesse and Beth Athena show how knowledgeable touch and focused caring presence can bring healing to the physical and psychological wounds of circumcision - through pleasure!

Healing touch sessions bring more awareness to the scars of circumcision, while increasing sensitivity of nerve endings in the circumcised penis, and expanding the pleasure that is possible. Big emotions related to infant trauma can arise when doing work with scars. The primary benefit of these sessions comes through the loving

attention, space for emotions, and healing intent that is used in touching the penis.

The first short movie is a general introduction to the topic of infant circumcision and to this free online program. The next three videos show the basics of scar-tissue work. Procedures for manual foreskin restoration are shown in the fifth and final video by somatic sex educator Thomas Stout.

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Caffyn Jesse
Caffyn Jesse

Encouraging neuroplastic change to support sexual healing and expanded pleasure, unwinding sexual trauma, exploring the intersection of sex and spirit, creating erotic community – Caffyn Jesse welcomes people from around the world to workshops at her Salt Spring Island studio. She offers free and paid teachings online.

Caffyn teaches the Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education professional trainings in Canada. She offers a weeklong training for Intimacy Educators at her Salt Spring Island studio, plus occasional workshops on somatic sex education topics ranging from pelvic pain to sex in long-term relationships. She offers trauma training for professionals who touch.

People of all gender identities and sexual orientations are welcomed and celebrated in Caffyn’s classes and workshops.

Caffyn is a prolific author who has researched and written on the science of sexological bodywork, neurobiology and sexual healing, trauma, orgasm coaching and many other topics. Her books include Science for Sexual Happiness and Erotic Massage for Healing and Pleasure.

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