Welcome to the Medicine Path

Thank you for joining the “Ecstatic Belonging” program. I am humbled and excited by the group that’s gathering in response to my invitation to share a year on the medicine path with me. Thank you for being resonant souls who are willing to explore with me, in my certainty that we can fight capitalism and colonialism with our wild imaginations, our loving touch and our daring dreams.

Please note that if you selected not to receive emails, when you registered for Teachable, I won’t be able to send you emails about the program as it unfolds. You can change your email preferences in your Teachable account, if you want to receive course emails, or just keep checking in. I will post new materials at the beginning of each month through 2023.

In this program I am walking my own medicine path, and sharing the process with you.

I hope you'll join me on the medicine path, in any way that works for you. If you are geographically near, I’ll be hosting a ritual or two. If not, I hope we can inspire each other with what we create.

This program gets me naked and vulnerable. I am sharing my own practices for integrating psychedelic medicine with somatic sexual wellness, and trying to embody devotion to joy and justice. You'll see me flail and fail, and still keep taking the next steps, in a reach for evermore integrity, intimacy and ecstasy.

Maybe there’s just one person this program will resonate with. Maybe none. Your No, Yes and Maybe are all welcome. I’ve been studying the physics of resonance, and I want to share a wild, queer secret. When we find and feel our way to resonance with one another, we generate new energy. We contradict the laws of physics – just like the universe, and the biosphere. New energy initiates new worlds.

With love,


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